Therapeutic Massage

Beauty spa treatment

Maintenance Massage – $50/35m

If your time is limited, this session will focus specifically on areas of tension or stress. Or use this 35 minutes as a way to maintain between regular appointments.

Swedish/Relaxation – $75/1hr

A blend of relaxing styles brought together to promote stress reduction and well-being.

Therapeutic / Sports – $80/1hr

Therapeutic massage is an integrative technique that works both the superficial and deeper layers of muscle tissue. This technique helps to reduce muscle pain and joint soreness from repetitive activity. When incorporated into a routine, can increase flexibility and post-workout recovery time. It also speeds recovery time from injured or overworked muscles.

Reflexology – $75/1hr

Focuses on the feet while working naturally to restore balance from within.

Rehabilitative / Deep Tissue – $85/1hr

Focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue to relieve pain, restore movement and increase circulation. This technique is often very specific, slow, and focused on certain parts of the body that have chronic repetitive strain. This rehabilitative style is most beneficial when done in a series. (If you’re looking for full body work, it’s best to book 90-120 minutes.)

Relaxation Couples Massage – $160/1hr

Two people will receive Relaxation Massages simultaneously in a shared room.  If a different style is preferred, inquire about pricing when making your appointment.

Warm Stone – $95/1hr

This treatment is aimed at working on specific treatment areas like back or legs (it is not full body with stones).

Warm Stone – $125/90m

A nurturing and grounding massage featuring heated basalt river stones placed along the body’s energy channels and smoothed over tight muscles.
Prenatal Massage